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Rapid Antigen Test Kits (RATS)

Preventing the spread of viruses has never been more important than right now, and we need to all do our part to stop it. The best way to go about it is using a Rapid antigen test kit or RAT test kit for short. Available in single-use or packs of multiple.

These kits are to help you identify whether or not you’ve got COVID-19 while providing a rapid result. They’re easy for you to use, and it will only take a moment to self-test. Protect yourself and others around you by making sure you’re not taking the virus into your workplace or to public outings – it’s as simple as testing yourself, checking the result, and deciding based on your results.



Investing in a pack of wholesale rapid antigen tests can ensure that you won’t run out and are always able to keep yourself and others safe. The tests can be managed in a number of ways depending on the product, and there’s a variety for you to choose from if you’re not comfortable with a particular testing method.

Oral or nasal swabs can potentially save lives, and it only takes a minute to test, and around 15 minutes to see the results. RAT tests for general use are the standard for most homes and provide accurate results every time.