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How to Keep Your Employees Safe from COVID-19 in 2022

by | Aug 16, 2022 | blog

Many companies and industry leaders are just beginning to recover from the repercussions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, the effects of this pandemic are far-reaching and will continue to be felt for years to come and the threat of another virus outbreak is still very real.

As a business owner, it is essential to protect your workforce from another major setback. Your employees are the backbone of your company, and it’s important to take responsibility for their safety and well-being.

But, how can you do this? Maven Healthcare, a leading provider of COVID-19 healthcare solutions, has created a checklist that will help you determine what type of equipment you need.


1. Face masks

In high-risk environments, such as hospitals and clinics—infection control is paramount. Face masks can protect patients and staff from the risk of airborne pathogens. These masks offer a barrier between the wearer and their environment, reducing the risk of infection. They can be used in conjunction with other forms of respiratory protection. Whether you have healthcare professionals or employees who need to protect themselves from contagious diseases, the right face mask can make all the difference. There are a variety of face masks available. You can choose the right one by assessing your needs and choosing the mask that best meets them.

Here are some factors to consider:

  • The type of environment in which you’ll be wearing the mask
  • The length of time you’ll be wearing it
  • Whether there is any chance of splashing or spraying
  • The size and shape of your face
  • Your comfort level
  • Whether it will fit over other protective equipment such as goggles or respirators
  • Whether it blocks all particles from entering

Thankfully, Maven Healthcare offers a wide range of masks that meet all of these criteria. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can select the one that fits best. Maven Healthcare’s face masks are designed with comfort in mind, so you won’t feel like your face is being squeezed or pinched while wearing them. They also feature a soft nose bridge that makes breathing more comfortable and easier to do without fogging up goggles or respirators.

From disposable to reusable masks, Maven Healthcare provides a variety of options available in different sizes and materials, so you can find one for your employees that fits comfortably without compromising effectiveness.
As for the price, Maven Healthcare masks are competitively priced and well worth the investment. When you consider that a single case of flu can cost your company up to $3,000 in lost productivity, it’s clear that investing in face masks is one of the smartest things you can do as an employer.


2. Hand sanitizer

Did you know that an average desk has 800 bacteria per square inch? Hand sanitizer is a key part of any infection control plan because it can help prevent the spread of contagious diseases like colds, flu, and other infections.

However, some hand sanitizers are more effective than others. To determine which hand sanitizer or disinfectant is best, consider the following factors:

  • Type of alcohol: Is it ethyl or isopropyl? Ethyl alcohol is more effective than isopropyl alcohol in killing germs.
  • Quantity: The amount of alcohol in your hand sanitizer will affect its ability to kill germs. More concentrated solutions are better at killing germs than those that are diluted with water or lotion.
  • Cost: Some people prefer to use an inexpensive brand of hand sanitizer because they don’t want to spend a lot on something they are going to use so frequently throughout the day; however, cheap products often contain less alcohol than their expensive counterparts and aren’t as effective at killing germs

Maven Healthcare offers only the best hand sanitizers and disinfectants that are proven to kill 99.9% of germs in just a few seconds. Their hand sanitizers are effective, portable, and perfect for use in hospitals, schools, and businesses. Maven Healthcare also ensures that you can get the best value for your money with their competitive pricing and bulk discounts. Whether you want to buy a hand sanitizer in bulk or individual bottles, Maven Healthcare has you covered.


3. Rapid Antigen Test

Every business with a high volume of employees, staff, or customers requires access to reliable and accurate rapid antigen tests. A Rapid Antigen Test can be used to quickly and efficiently determine the presence of a specific pathogen. This can be important in identifying the cause of an illness or outbreak, as well as preventing further spread.

Unfortunately, not all rapid antigen tests can deliver on this promise. Some tests may take too long to produce results, while others may give false positives or negatives. Many tests also require multiple steps in order to get an accurate result.
To help keep your workplace safe and clean, Maven Healthcare offers the most reliable rapid antigen test kits on the market today, capable of detecting COVID-19 in just a few minutes.

Included on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, JusChek Rapid Antigen Tests are proven to deliver accurate results in just a few minutes. The tests are also easy to use and require no training, making them ideal for any workplace.

JusChek Rapid Antigen Tests can be used to detect the presence of COVID-19 in oral fluid or nasal swabs. The tests are also available in point-of-care (POC) format, making them ideal for use in remote locations where standard laboratory equipment is not readily available.
By having access to a reliable and fast antigen test, you and your employees can be better protected and regain their peace of mind from the risks associated with COVID-19 exposure.



Business owners should be proactive in their efforts to protect themselves, their employees, and customers from COVID-19. Investing in high-quality equipment, like face masks, hand sanitizers, and disinfectants, and rapid antigen tests can go a long way in preventing another virus outbreak. By being prepared, you can ensure that your business is safe and healthy for everyone involved.


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